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How to build a car on a green field

Vehicles are rarely completely reinvented on our roads. In most cases, concepts are only allowed back on the drawing board for a short time for a facelift. Nevertheless, it is often precisely these vehicles, these products or services that are practically redesigned from scratch, the disruptive element that we as end customers long for. When everything familiar, everything that has been taken for granted is suddenly questioned in order to come closer to a foundation of value and meaning, something truly new can emerge and make life "innovatively" its own.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising that it is the dream of every E/E system designer and engineer to be involved in such a development. For the experts in the E/E total vehicle development of Cognizant Mobility, this dream is regularly fulfilled. They have been able to further develop their broad-based knowledge in numerous projects of this kind. Today, the Cognizant Mobility team has expertise in all the necessary disciplines. Starting with the agile mindset, benchmarking, E/E architecture development and system integration, through to testing and supplier management, which are necessary for complete vehicle development at the highest level. Of course, according to the Automotive SPICE standard.

Complete vehicle development starts with a vision

It all starts with a design, or rather a vision of how the final product should look for the customer. Cognizant Mobility experts derive the necessary features from this initial vision. To do this, it is also necessary to know the performance of other market players and understand the technological roadmap.

Defining the features is one thing - translating the definitions into a reliable function is a completely different matter. The next step is therefore to develop a logical function architecture. For this purpose, functions are broken down into their components in order to describe the information to be exchanged between the sub-functions. These are additionally supported by the requirements.

It is important here, as in almost all new development projects, that agile methods such as Scrum are used consistently from the beginning. This is due to the high complexity and impossibility to foresee how the product and functions will look like in the end. Furthermore, changes and adjustments must remain possible throughout the development process - after all, flexibility is essential to be able to react to the market and the customer. In Scrum it is not necessary that all details are predefined and known from the beginning. Not least because of this high adaptability, the Scrum methodology has become the ideal companion for our complete vehicle experts.

This is followed by the consistently modeled design for the technical implementation of the architecture, hand in hand with the wiring harness development and the communication design. Cognizant Mobility pays particular attention to the optimization of the architecture in favor of higher efficiency at lower costs.

In A Nutshell

  • E/E system design from the feature list to the technical architecture
  • Excellent best practices in partnership with Vector PREEVision
  • Consistent system as a basis for efficient and functional system integration including test management
  • Agile methods to increase customer satisfaction
Francisco Candal
Head of Domain Entire Vehicle Development

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Based on these steps, developers can implement individual modules that are then tested in the overall system. With the help of a laboratory vehicle, Cognizant Mobility can now functionally integrate the various components. In the subsequent tests, the prototype is intensively tested, symptoms found are thoroughly analyzed and any sources of error found are eliminated. In this way, Cognizant Mobility ensures that our customer's vision is taken from the basic idea to production readiness.

Cognizant Mobility's expertise has already been tested in practice on several occasions, most recently in the successful cooperation with Karma Automotive and Automobili Pininfarina. In order to simplify the complexity of future E/E systems, Cognizant Mobility has also been working in a strategic partnership with Vector PREEVision since 2019 - for more information, click here.